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  • Virginia first time home buyer

    What You Need to Know as a Virginia First Time Home Buyer

    Buying a home for the first time should involve up-front research and getting a crash course in real estate, finance, and mortgage lending all at once. Of course, the home buying process is rarely a topic covered in school. The result is that prospective buyer knowledge is usually limited to random articles, coffee cooler talk, [...] More  →
  • no down payment mortgage

    How to Buy a House With No Down Payment and a Delayed First Mortgage Payment

    The transition from renting to buying a home may seem intimidating. If you are concerned about paying a down payment and covering the closing costs, we have a few solutions that may help move things forward. Are you a rate watcher who notices how interest rates have been ticking up? Maybe you are worried that the opportunity [...] More  →
  • VHDA Provides Affordable Living for Virginia Home Buyers

    Nationwide, home prices continue to rise in most areas putting pressure on first time home buyers. Virginia is no different, but luckily there are some great programs offering affordable home payments and down payment assistance (DPA). One of these organizations is called VHDA, short for Virginia Housing Development Authority. Unlike many other housing finance agencies [...] More  →