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  • VA Loan Refinance Rules Change Affects Veteran Homeowners Ability to Refinance

    Ginnie Mae announced that effective September 1, 2019, VA loan refinance loans for cash out will have new restrictions. Prior to 9/1/2019, homeowners could use a VA cash out loan to access up to 100% of the home's appraised value. This was quite an advantage for homeowners. Yet, Ginnie Mae has seen some VA lenders [...] More  →
  • VA Refinance Benefits and How Soon You Can Refinance a VA Loan

    VA loans offer service members, Veterans, and surviving spouses a tremendous amount of benefits when it comes to buying a home. But, it doesn't stop there! Once a homeowner, a VA refinance allows for lowering a VA interest rate, monthly payment, and/or loan term. Additionally, a VA regular refinance (sometimes called a VA cash out [...] More  →
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    A Homeowner’s Guide to Refinancing with a VA Loan

    VA loans offer tremendous benefits for military home buyers, but it doesn’t stop there! You can also refinance your home with a VA loan. Here are the answers to some of your questions about this process. What is a VA Refinance Loan? A VA refinance loan is a home financing option that you can use [...] More  →
  • VA Certificate of Eligibility

    How to Get Your VA Certificate of Eligibility for Buying a Home

    VA home loans are one of the best options available for buyers. They provide potentially 100% financing, affordable housing payments, and flexible guidelines for those that qualify. But, in order to use this valuable home buying tool, one of the borrowers must have sufficient VA entitlement. The amount of entitlement available is a key factor …

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    Veterans See How to Make a DD214 Request Online

    To receive a VA loan as a military Veteran, lenders require a copy of the DD214. Furthermore, potential civilian and government employers may require an applicant's DD214 copy. Because it is a piece of paper, they get lost, ripped, and worn beyond deciphering. It is a key military document, and for that reason, Veterans should [...] More  →
  • VA Mortgage Guidelines for Determining if Primary Residence is Within a Reasonable Commute to Work

    The popular definition of a primary residence in residential mortgage lending is that the home is within a “reasonable daily commuting distance to work”.  There are situations where a homebuyer may travel a long distance when commuting to work yet still call a home over a normal commuting distance from their home or primary residence.  …

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  • Your Guide To VA Termite Inspections

    When buying a home, the inspections, title search, and the VA appraisal are critical reports for a buyer. These reports dig deep to determine the condition, value, and ownership of a property. One key report to a Veteran and the lender is the VA termite inspection. Unless you are looking for these pests, they can [...] More  →
  • How to Calculate BAH Rates and the Benefits for U.S. Military

    A key portion and benefit of the military pay includes BAH. Otherwise known as Basic Allowance for Housing, it provides an income tax free pay. The purpose of this income is what the name says - allowance to cover the customary housing expense for a certain geographic area. Although, BAH rates are not the same [...] More  →