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  • Little Known Exceptions to the VA Loan Occupancy Requirement

    Whether buying as a first time home buyer or purchasing the 5th home, it is a big financial decision. Yet, lives are not always cut and dry. For instance, moving into a new home using a VA home loan. VA is a purchase money loan used for buying a primary residence, but, what if life …

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  • Veterans Can Buy a Home With Land, We Are Talking Acreage!

    City life has its benefits with its coffee shops, Walgreen’s, and Red Box on every corner, but wouldn’t it be nice to live away from the bright lights and have some space to spread out? Recently, this has been a common request request by military Veterans. Not just an acre, but a lot of land. …

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    Military Buyers – Use Our Streamlined VA Home Loan Process

    Military buyers have access to the best home loan in America – a VA Loan. In addition to providing a way for military members to buy with no money down, VA loans also have very flexible guidelines and affordable terms. Therefore, this option is quite the weapon to have when it comes to buying a home. Once …

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