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  • Military Families Can Use A VA Loan More Than Once

    Is It Possible to Use a VA Loan More Than Once?

    If your family has outgrown your home and needs more space, you may be wondering: Can you use your VA loan twice? Luckily, the answer is yes. You can restore your full VA loan entitlement by selling your home or paying off the mortgage in full. Alternatively, you can also use the remaining entitlement amount [...] More  →
  • buying a home while on deployment

    VA Loans: Can I Still Buy a Home While on Deployment?

    You don’t have to put off your dream of owning a house until returning from overseas as a military service member. While it’s not the most common scenario, it’s completely possible to use your VA loan while you're on deployment. This could happen if you find yourself starting the homebuying process shortly before a deployment, [...] More  →
  • VA Construction Permanent Loans Help Veterans Build a Custom Home

    Finding a construction loan is very difficult today and almost impossible to find over 75 – 80% of the value, but finding 100% financing for building a new home is really tough. Luckily, there is the option of VA construction permanent loans. This is a combination of a construction loan along with a VA permanent closing. Therefore, …

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  • VA home loan guarantee

    VA Home Loan Guarantee and What You Need to Know

    Being in the military comes with both rewards and certainly challenges. But, one of those rewards includes buying, building, or refinancing a home with a VA home loan guarantee. VA home loans offer current military or reservists, Veterans, and a qualified surviving spouse so many benefits. These include the ability to purchase or refinance up [...] More  →
  • VA Certificate of Eligibility

    How to Get Your VA Certificate of Eligibility for Buying a Home

    VA home loans are one of the best options available for buyers. They provide potentially 100% financing, affordable housing payments, and flexible guidelines for those that qualify. But, in order to use this valuable home buying tool, one of the borrowers must have sufficient VA entitlement. The amount of entitlement available is a key factor …

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  • dd214 request

    Veterans See How to Make a DD214 Request Online

    To receive a VA loan as a military Veteran, lenders require a copy of the DD214. Furthermore, potential civilian and government employers may require an applicant's DD214 copy. Because it is a piece of paper, they get lost, ripped, and worn beyond deciphering. It is a key military document, and for that reason, Veterans should [...] More  →
  • VA Mortgage Guidelines for Determining if Primary Residence is Within a Reasonable Commute to Work

    The popular definition of a primary residence in residential mortgage lending is that the home is within a “reasonable daily commuting distance to work”.  There are situations where a homebuyer may travel a long distance when commuting to work yet still call a home over a normal commuting distance from their home or primary residence.  …

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  • You may not know it, but you are a number and it could help or hurt you a lot!

    If you were a fly on a wall in my office, you would hear me say several times a day, this little known fact that accounts for 30% of a borrower’s credit scores! 30% of a person’s credit score is based on balances reported for revolving accounts like credit cards or lines of credit, compared to the …

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  • Rent your current home and buy your dream home with no money down!

    Sound to good to be true?  This can be done by a Veteran, active service member, or qualified surviving widow of a service member purchasing a new home with a VA home loan!  These days if someone wants to rent out their current home and then purchase a new primary residence, most programs require either …

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  • Your Guide To VA Termite Inspections

    When buying a home, the inspections, title search, and the VA appraisal are critical reports for a buyer. These reports dig deep to determine the condition, value, and ownership of a property. One key report to a Veteran and the lender is the VA termite inspection. Unless you are looking for these pests, they can [...] More  →