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  • VA Funding Fee Chart

    What You Need To Know About The VA Funding Fee

    Buying a home with a VA home loan is a privilege earned by our military service members, but sometimes there's confusion about the VA Funding Fee and how it works. For instance: What is the VA funding fee? How much is it? Who can cover the cost of the VA Funding Fee? Are there options to [...] More  →
  • Are You Due a VA Funding Fee Refund? You Need to Check!

    Except for exempt VA borrowers, every other VA loan borrower is charged a VA funding fee. But, the Department of Veteran Affairs has been working overtime to find over $400 million in refunds. For a while, there has been extensive conversations about the term "VA funding fee refund". Basically, VA funding fee refunds are due [...] More  →
  • VA Funding Fee: Frequently Asked Questions

    Buying a home with a VA home loan is a privilege earned by America’s service members, but sometimes there is confusion about how it works. For instance, “What is the VA funding fee? How much is it? Are there options to lower or get rid of this cost?” We are going to set the record …

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