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  • How to Use VA Restoration of Entitlement to Buy or Refinance a Home

    VA loans are a great option for those who are eligible (read more about VA eligibility here) but they can be confusing. Often, veterans believe that once they have used their VA entitlement, it is gone forever. This is not always the case. In fact, you can use VA restoration of entitlement to buy another [...] More  →
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    Using Multiple VA Loans at Once is Possible – Often With No Money Down

    A fairly common occurrence for Veterans is the need for having multiple VA loans at once. This is called accessing a Veteran’s bonus entitlement or 2nd tier entitlement. Many do not realize that this is even a possibility. This financing option available through the Veterans Administration is available to service members, Veterans, and qualified surviving …

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  • Rent your current home and buy your dream home with no money down!

    Sound to good to be true?  This can be done by a Veteran, active service member, or qualified surviving widow of a service member purchasing a new home with a VA home loan!  These days if someone wants to rent out their current home and then purchase a new primary residence, most programs require either …

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