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  • Listing Agent Tips to Ace the Real Estate Appraisal Report

    As the seller’s representative, it is important to educate your client on the real estate appraisal process. Knowledge of the appraisal process, plus preparing for it can make a big difference on a sale. As a seller and listing agent, the appraisal goals should be: Appraise for at least the purchase price As-is condition (no …

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  • Myth Buster: A VA Appraisal is NOT a Home Inspection

    The VA appraisal process and the report itself get a bad rap, and they are often misunderstood. A topic we want to clarify is the misunderstanding that the Veterans Administration requested appraisal is a VA home inspection when it is not. First, there's no such thing as a VA home inspection, and the VA does [...] More  →
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    Use This VA Appraisal Checklist to Avoid Closing Issues

    Oh the VA appraisal! Among all the appraisals, this is probably the one that is most feared and misunderstood, but with some preparation and knowledge, the VA appraisal is not so bad. We have actually written several helpful articles referencing appraisals. One of our most popular articles is “Appraisal requirements to prevent closing delays and [...] More  →