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    3 Ways a USDA Refinance Helps Homeowners Lower a Mortgage Payment

    USDA Rural Development loans have provided no money down home loans to low to middle income buyers for years. What many do not realize is that there is an additional home loan product called a USDA refinance. Homeowners with a USDA mortgage have 3 USDA refinance options to make their home even more affordable. Just [...] More  →
  • USDA Pilot Refinance Program Available For NC Home Buyers

    USDA has a little known, unique refinance product called the USDA Pilot Refinance Program. This program is available to borrowers that currently have a USDA guaranteed loan and are looking to lower their rate and payment through a refinance. The USDA Pilot Refinance program allows for a borrower to refinance without an appraisal through a streamlined …

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