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  • What Professionals Are Involved in the Home Buying Process?

    The home buying process involves many layers of parties to get the job done. The number of real estate professionals depends on the property and/or borrower complexity. Most home purchases include the first 9 professionals listed below. Although, some transactions require additional help to clarify information, provide supporting documentation, or make repairs. 12 Real Estate Professionals [...] More  →
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    How to Buy a House with a Payment That Fits Your Budget

    Shopping for a home can be far more exciting than obtaining a mortgage. Therefore, it is only natural when a buyer wants to shop first. However, this can lead to a letdown if the buyer’s desired home is not within their budget. We are going to prevent this letdown by explaining how to purchase a home …

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  • Mortgage Loan Originator Betty Tharpe

    Spanish Speaking Lender Serves Hispanic Community | Betty Tharpe OVM Financial

    Getting a home loan is, in essence, like a puzzle.  All of the pieces have to fit together.  The main pieces include income, credit, debt ratio, and down payment.  Because the home loan process is typically all English, the puzzle may be tougher for Spanish speaking borrowers to put together.  Betty Tharpe, a fluent Spanish …

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