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  • Has FHA PMI Had Any Changes Lately and Will It Go Down Anytime Soon?

    One of the biggest buyer needs is a low down payment and this is especially true with first time home buyers. Fortunately since 1934, FHA has been helping buyers achieve the dream of home ownership. A cornerstone feature of FHA loans is the low down payment. But, banks and mortgage companies typically do not offer [...] More  →
  • New 100% products with higher down payment assistance with zero interest and payments for NC buyers

    One of the most popular questions we hear is what kind of programs are there with 100% financing and the answer has been VA and USDA.  But now, NC Housing Finance Agency has announced that the Down Payment Assistance amounts available for buyers have increased to give first time or move up buyers 100% or more [...] More  →
  • Approving FHA Loans With Only One Credit Score

    Accept it or not, the financing world looks at everyone as a number called credit scores. Sure, there are other factors to loan or credit card approvals, but it all starts with credit scoring. Very few fully understand the inner workings of these important numbers. Therefore, many either struggle to build a solid score, understand …

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    What is the Foreclosure Waiting Period to Buy a Home?

    Life brings about so many circumstances which may result in hardships. Such hardships include medical costs, divorce, injury or disability, income reduction, or loss of job. Living through these items may result in credit issues. Extreme cases could even cause a home foreclosure. Eventually, in many cases, the desire is to become a home owner [...] More  →
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    How to Search the FHA Approved Condo List

    Whether a first time home buyer or repeat buyer, FHA loans provide so many advantages to buy a home. FHA even helps buyers purchasing a condo as a primary residence with the same benefits as a regular home. The only caveat is that the condo must report as approved on the FHA approved condo list. Thus, combining [...] More  →