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    What Is Down Payment Assistance and How Can It Help Me Buy a Home?

    Down payment assistance may be a viable option to help you purchase your home. These programs can provide you with funds in the form of a grant or gift in order to fulfill a down payment on a home — bringing you one step closer to homeownership. Why is down payment assistance important? No matter [...] More  →
  • NCHFA Offers Down Payment Assistance & More For NC Home Buyers

    North Carolina residents have a champion which offers affordable housing products through approved mortgage lenders. The NC Housing Finance Agency, also known as NCHFA, helps bridge the gap towards home ownership. Although most believe this agency's products are solely first time home buyer products, there are repeat buyer programs as well. So, why should North [...] More  →
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    How to Buy a House With No Down Payment and a Delayed First Mortgage Payment

    The transition from renting to buying a home may seem intimidating. If you are concerned about paying a down payment and covering the closing costs, we have a few solutions that may help move things forward. Are you a rate watcher who notices how interest rates have been ticking up? Maybe you are worried that the opportunity [...] More  →
  • VHDA Provides Affordable Living for Virginia Home Buyers

    Nationwide, home prices continue to rise in most areas putting pressure on first time home buyers. Virginia is no different, but luckily there are some great programs offering affordable home payments and down payment assistance (DPA). One of these organizations is called VHDA, short for Virginia Housing Development Authority. Unlike many other housing finance agencies [...] More  →
  • HUD loans

    HUD Loans Offer as Little as $100 Down To Help First-Time Home Buyers

    Buyers using HUD loans are typically looking for a low down payment option with excellent terms. In addition to ensuring a low down payment and great terms, HUD loans offer flexible guidelines. Therefore, loan approval chances are higher compared to other loan types. Are HUD Loans and FHA the Same? Lenders like to throw around [...] More  →
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    30 Ways To Save Money For Home Buying Expenses

    Although buyers have several low to no down payment options these days, it is still smart to save before making a home purchase. There are so many reasons to save: whether it be for a down payment, asset reserves for loan approval, or saving to pay off debts for qualification. Often, it may be as [...] More  →
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    How to Move Out of Your Parents House and Buy a First Home

    How to move out of a parents' household is a common question, and it is not just for teenagers. Many first time home buyers of all ages move back into the parents home at some point. A primary reason is to save money rather than spending on rent. Yet, many living rent-free still may not [...] More  →
  • New 100% products with higher down payment assistance with zero interest and payments for NC buyers

    One of the most popular questions we hear is what kind of programs are there with 100% financing and the answer has been VA and USDA.  But now, NC Housing Finance Agency has announced that the Down Payment Assistance amounts available for buyers have increased to give first time or move up buyers 100% or more [...] More  →