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  • no down payment mortgage

    How to Buy a House With No Down Payment and a Delayed First Mortgage Payment

    The transition from renting to buying a home may seem intimidating. If you are concerned about paying a down payment and covering the closing costs, we have a few solutions that may help move things forward. Are you a rate watcher who notices how interest rates have been ticking up? Maybe you are worried that the opportunity [...] More  →
  • HUD loans

    HUD Loans Offer as Little as $100 Down To Help First-Time Home Buyers

    Buyers using HUD loans are typically looking for a low down payment option with excellent terms. In addition to ensuring a low down payment and great terms, HUD loans offer flexible guidelines. Therefore, loan approval chances are higher compared to other loan types. Are HUD Loans and FHA the Same? Lenders like to throw around [...] More  →