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    What Comes Before House Hunting Season? Credit Score Improvement Season!

    Are you looking to bag the perfect home during house hunting season? Peak home buying season takes place during the spring and summer months, but a successful hunt takes preparation. One of the most important steps to undergo before shopping for your next home is to review your credit report and credit score thoroughly. With …

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  • Will Credit Inquiries Hurt My Credit Score or Mortgage Approval?

    Has the lending world scared you into believing your credit score is your whole meaning in life? Obviously, it isn’t, but it does play a very important role in key areas of life, and some may surprise you. Credit scores could determine insurance rates, employment, opening a bank account, and of course, borrowing money. Scores are especially important [...] More  →
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    Mortgage Lending Guidelines Have Caught Onto Credit Repair Dispute Strategies

    In the credit world, everyone has a number. Certainly, most know this number is called a credit score. Good or bad, it determines the outcome for many areas such as insurance rates, employment, and of course, buying a home. Since high credit scores are so important in today's world, many turn to credit repair as [...] More  →
  • You may not know it, but you are a number and it could help or hurt you a lot!

    If you were a fly on a wall in my office, you would hear me say several times a day, this little known fact that accounts for 30% of a borrower’s credit scores! 30% of a person’s credit score is based on balances reported for revolving accounts like credit cards or lines of credit, compared to the …

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  • Approving FHA Loans With Only One Credit Score

    Accept it or not, the financing world looks at everyone as a number called credit scores. Sure, there are other factors to loan or credit card approvals, but it all starts with credit scoring. Very few fully understand the inner workings of these important numbers. Therefore, many either struggle to build a solid score, understand …

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    How to Get a Mortgage -Avoid These Traps at ALL Costs

    Buying a home and understanding how to get a mortgage involves key steps. Some are non-negotiable, while others depend on the borrower, property, and loan program. Then, part of the process results from correcting mistakes during the home buying process. That’s right. Normal parts of life include activities such as depositing cash, buying a car, and changing jobs. Yet, not …

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