• big city move

    Is 2021 a Good Time to Move to a Big City?

    The pandemic has had a variety of ripple effects in our world including where people are living. A 2020 study by freelancing platform, Upwork, found that up to 23 million U.S. workers planned to move as a result of the shift to remote work. That's about four times the normal rate. Further, one in five of [...] More  →
  • inflation

    What’s The Deal With Inflation?

    You have no doubt heard the word “inflation” in the news a lot lately. But what is it? Does it affect you and is there anything you can do to mitigate it? If you’re not 100% sure about what inflation is and how it affects you, keep reading. We’re covering the basics below and how [...] More  →
  • duplex

    Buy a Duplex Now, Save For Later

    For many beginning investors, a duplex is a great entry point for getting into real estate. Duplexes are a type of multi-family home that includes two units in the same building.  As the owner of a duplex investment property, you have a few options. Depending on your financial situation and needs, you can live in one [...] More  →
  • up and coming neighborhoods

    20+ Up and Coming Neighborhoods to Watch for a Return on Investment

    Looking to buy real estate in an up-and-coming neighborhood? When you find an area that's gaining popularity, you can get in before the prices go up. Then, you're setting yourself up for a larger equity gain in a shorter amount of time. But where should you buy your next home or investment property? Here's a [...] More  →
  • spotify playlist

    23 Spotify Playlists for Homeowners to Check Out

    From the second you slide on your headphones, you’re entering a different world. Suddenly work and chores seem to be more enjoyable, and the time slips away. That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing a few Spotify playlists with you! Whether you’re driving around looking for your future home, working on a renovation project, or cleaning up a [...] More  →
  • stay encouraged competitive market

    How To Stay Encouraged While Shopping In a Competitive Market

    Home buying isn't always easy, but the rewards are sweet! Stay motivated and minimize stress with these tangible tips. 1) Enlist the help of professionals With so much to prepare for, consider, and learn along the way, a great way to take the heat off is to get help. Enlist the help of a solid [...] More  →
  • personal finance podcasts

    5 Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

    Whether you’re a finance nerd or a finance newbie, personal finance podcasts give you a chance to learn more about how to improve your financial situation. The best thing about podcasts is the ability to multitask. You can learn more about personal finance while driving, doing housework, gardening, exercising, or just kicking back at the [...] More  →
  • home shopping website comparison guide

    The Best Websites To Help With Your Home Search: 2021 Comparison Guide

    So, you’re ready to buy a home? Great! But where do you start? Chances are, online. The 2020 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reported the share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home rose to an all-time high of 97%. Additionally, 43% of recent buyers [...] More  →
  • pay off your mortgage faster

    Everything You Need To Know To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

    Are you looking to save money on your mortgage over the life of your loan and pay off your mortgage faster? Who isn't? The quicker you pay it off, the less interest you will pay. But what if you can't afford to pay much more than you are already paying? Then, this article is for [...] More  →
  • home shopping 2021

    How to Sell Your First Home and Buy Your Second – Move-Up Buyers

    Thinking about moving again? You're not alone. Every year, people decide to buy a new home. This group of people are known as "move-up buyers." What is a move-up buyer? A move-up buyer is a current homeowner that desires to sell their first home to "move up" into second/new home. The reasons vary. Maybe you [...] More  →
  • mortgage technology

    Mortgage Technology: The Evolution of the Home Buying Experience

    New technology has revolutionized multiple long-winded processes in our lives. The mortgage industry is no different. But how is technology used in the mortgage application process? Technology is now embedded in every step of the mortgage process. This is especially the case since the pandemic, when lenders were forced to adopt more digital-friendly processes. Does [...] More  →
  • tax refund or stimulus check

    5 Ways to Invest Your Stimulus or Tax Refund Back Into Your Home

    Between the most recent round of $1,400 stimulus checks and tax returns (which average $3,000) hitting Americans’ bank accounts, odds are you recently found yourself with a little bit of extra money on your hands. While many Americans are looking forward to splurging on a post-COVID vacation or a guilt-free shopping trip, others want to [...] More  →
  • babyproof your new home

    How To Babyproof Your New Home: Room By Room

    There are many milestones in life worth celebrating — a job promotion, a dream home, and a new baby. When it’s time to expand your family, you also may need to increase your square footage to accommodate that bundle of joy. The exceptionally strong real estate market makes the present a great time to sell [...] More  →
  • housing inventory shortage 2021

    Are Homes The New Toilet Paper? The Housing Inventory Shortage of 2021

    If you are in the market for a new home, you are likely well aware of the current housing inventory shortage. The demand for housing already outweighed the supply when the pandemic struck. When the coronavirus changed life as we knew it, the housing inventory shortage became unprecedented. City dwellers fled their cramped spaces in [...] More  →
  • Breaking Records: OVM Financial Doubles Number of Scotsman Guide-Ranked Originators in 2021

    Each year, Scotsman Guide releases their Top Originators list recognizing the top Loan Officers in the industry. This gold-standard, national ranking system is based on how many loans each individual originated in the year prior. OVM Financial is no stranger to the list, with top originators like Matt Beckwith first breaking into the rankings in [...] More  →
  • COVID-19 Vaccination

    6 Ways COVID-19 Vaccinations Will Impact The Housing Market

    With President Biden’s recent announcement that all American adults will be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines by May 1, lockdown-weary citizens are anxious for the world to go back to “normal.” But will it? Even more importantly for would-be homebuyers, will vaccinations and the potential for greater freedom of movement loosen up a tight housing [...] More  →
  • homes on the coast

    6 Things To Consider Before Buying a Home On The Coast

    Who doesn’t dream of oceanfront property? Maybe you long for a second home where you and your family can escape. Or perhaps soft, rolling ocean waves are inspiring you to relocate your primary residence permanently. Either way, there are a few things to consider before buying a coastal home. 1) Develop a solid budget. The [...] More  →
  • home search tools

    6 Online Tools to Help You With Your Home Search

    Ready to stop renting and settle down into your own home? Or are you looking to upgrade to a larger home that will offer more home office space and outdoor places to stretch your legs? Whatever the reason you’re searching for a new home, there are a host of tools out there to make the [...] More  →
  • Furnish Without Financing

    Furnishing without Financing – How To Furnish Your Home on a Limited Budget

    After buying a new house and moving in, the next step is to turn it into a warm and welcoming home. You likely have some personal belongings to get you started but may need additional items to fit into the unique spaces in your new place. But what if you are on a limited budget? [...] More  →
  • bathroom with houseplants

    Growing a Greener Home – How To Get Your “Plant Parent” On as a Homeowner

    You don't need to be a farmer or have a ton of space in your home to add a little bit of green into your life. Houseplants have been a hot trend over the last year, and it's easy to see why. Plants add more than color and beauty to your home. It's a fun [...] More  →
  • bidding wars on a home

    How Home Buyers Are Winning Bidding Wars (And 6 Ways You Can, Too)

    If you’re in the market for buying a house or thinking about taking the leap, you likely know it’s a seller’s market. More than that, it’s the most high-stakes seller’s market area real estate agents have seen in their careers. Rachel Beasley, licensed real estate agent and team leader at That Fit Team at Fit [...] More  →
  • escalation clause

    When and How to Use an Escalation Clause to Bid on a Home

    You thought you found your dream home. You wanted it so much, you bid the full asking price. Someone else wanted it too, and they outbid you. If there was an escalation clause in your contract, you might have won that bid. Learn how this type of clause works and what it can do for [...] More  →
  • housing market predictions for Year 2 of the Pandemic

    5 Housing Market Predictions For Year 2 Of The Pandemic

    When pandemic lockdowns put the U.S. housing market in a freeze last spring, pundits claimed the industry was headed for another crash, not unlike the one in 2008. But thanks to low mortgage interest rates, depleted inventory, and high demand (from younger buyers entering the market), 2020 was actually a banner year for real estate. [...] More  →
  • pets and home buying

    7 Things Your Pets Want You to Consider When Buying a House

    It’s not up for discussion, it’s a proven fact: People love their pets! National Pet Owners Survey estimates 67% of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet. These pets are clearly being pampered. According to Petpedia.com, the pet industry in America is expected to surpass $99 billion in 2021, and it just [...] More  →
  • married and mortgage

    5 Things Married Couples Need To Think About Before Financing a Home

    Buying a new home can be an amazing experience. It provides you and your spouse a fun quest, like a scavenger hunt for the perfect nest in which to build your collective future. It can also be a source of major stress and strife if not properly handled. While you plan your first home purchase [...] More  →
  • rental property investment

    You Should Not Invest In A Rental Property Without Reading This First

    For many, the opportunity to buy an investment property is a potential way to generate income. You can use these homes as rentals, Airbnb's, and even a jumping-off point for building your own investment property empire. For first-timers, getting an investment property might sound pretty attractive; but there are things you need to consider before [...] More  →
  • 2021 Tax Benefits for Homeowners

    2021 Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

    When it comes to buying a home, your primary goal might be having a place of your own to grow old and raise your family. But, there are plenty of other perks too, and a big one is the tax benefits that come with homeownership. For many, that's an attractive bonus, regardless of buying for [...] More  →
  • buying a home as an unmarried couple

    How to Qualify for a Mortgage as an Unmarried Couple

    When buying a home as an unmarried couple, qualifying for a mortgage is one of the more complex items on your to-do list. Should you apply together or only have the person with the higher credit score apply? What if one of you has substantial debt? Can you both own the home if only one [...] More  →
  • mortgage discount points

    When Does It Make Sense to Buy Mortgage Discount Points?

    When you are getting a mortgage, you will spend a lot of time thinking about your mortgage payment and your interest rate. Your interest rate will determine how much you pay monthly. If your goal is to have a lower monthly payment and/or pay less over the life of your loan, mortgage discount points may [...] More  →
  • side hustle ideas

    20 Side Hustle Ideas to Help You Save for Your Home In Record Time

    Are you thinking about buying your first home? The biggest hurdle to buying is typically the down payment (the amount of the purchase price you must pay upfront when you buy a home). With the average cost of living growing faster than the average income, many people are having a hard time-saving money, which makes [...] More  →
  • mortgage myths

    Fact or Fiction: Mortgage Edition – Mortgage Myths Debunked

    There's a lot of "hearsay" out there when it comes to the mortgage process. If you are questioning what’s fact and what’s fiction, we compiled the answers to some of the most common mortgage myths. Rather than listing each mortgage myth, we have our own version of 'Mortgage: Fact or Fiction' below. Here's how it [...] More  →
  • what's the minimum credit score needed for a mortgage

    What’s The Minimum Credit Score Needed for Mortgage Approval?

    If you’ve begun your home-hunting journey, you have probably been made aware of the criteria that will be needed to qualify for a mortgage. Items such as your debt-to-income ratio, employment verification, and, of course, your credit score are at the top of the list for qualification items. But with so many different types of [...] More  →
  • mortgage interest rate locks

    5 Answers to Your Questions About Mortgage Interest Rate Locks

    When you're purchasing a new home, it's easy to get fixated on shopping for the best possible rate. Why? Because just a small rate decrease can lower your monthly mortgage payment and save you some cash! But what if you get prequalified with an attractive rate, and it goes up before you seal the deal [...] More  →
  • Calculating Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

    How To Accurately Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

    How Much Will My Monthly Mortgage Payment Be? Once you find the home you want to buy, it's time to break down the costs to see how it will fit into your monthly budget. Many people turn to mortgage calculators for a quick answer, but they often get a vague estimation that doesn't consider everything. [...] More  →
  • value of a home

    What Factors Determine The Market Value of a Home?

    Whether you’re buying or selling, the market value of a home is a top concern. As a buyer, you want to find a house that’s not only a great place to raise your family, but also a good investment. And, as a seller, you want to sell your current house for top dollar so you [...] More  →
  • mortgage process roles

    Who Contributes To The Mortgage Process Behind The Scenes?

    After your application is submitted, your loan is carefully reviewed by key players in the mortgage process. Borrowers don’t always talk to everyone involved, so here’s a look at what happens behind the scenes and who plays a role in your home financing journey! Mortgage Roles and Responsibilities If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you may not [...] More  →
  • How To Qualify For A Mortgage Using Overtime Income

    Purchasing a home can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life! But before you can begin your house hunt, you have to qualify for a mortgage. To do this, we will take a look at several different qualification areas, including income. But what if much of your income comes from working overtime? Let’s [...] More  →
  • Sellers Market

    Tips For Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

    Despite an initial slowdown at the beginning of the pandemic, the real estate market has remained a seller’s market. This means that there are more interested buyers than there are available homes for sale. As a buyer, it may be harder to find your dream home, and once you find it, you may be up [...] More  →
  • student debt

    How To Save For Your Home While Paying Off Student Debt

    There’s a lot of student debt out there — about $1.56 trillion of it, as of February 2020. The average student debt burden is just over $37,000, and a recent study found that nearly half of college students are taking on significantly more debt because of the pandemic. Paying those loans down can put a [...] More  →
  • Buying A Home After Military Retirement

    Buying A Home After Military Retirement

    If your military retirement date is coming up, congratulations, and thank you for your service! You are likely thinking about settling down and using your VA benefits to buy your "forever" home. However, you may have some questions about the process. This article will look at how to overcome some of the common challenges, tips [...] More  →
  • temporary unemployement

    How Will Temporary Unemployment Impact My Ability To Purchase A Home?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a record unemployment number in the US. If you’re one of the millions of American’s who have been affected, you may be left wondering how temporary unemployment can impact your home buying dreams or how to buy a home while unemployed. While unemployment can be a difficult circumstance to manage, [...] More  →
  • Airbnb Financing

    How To Finance An Airbnb Rental Property

    Owning a second home is a luxury that many people dream about, but the costs can be intimidating—or flat out prohibitive. However, if you become a host on Airbnb, you may offset the costs of owning a vacation home and even turn a profit. This guide on financing Airbnb properties can help you buy your [...] More  →
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

    Your Guide To Buying A Home That’s For Sale By The Owner

    If you’re in the market for a new home, you may have come across a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home. You might also be wondering what goes into the process of buying a home for sale by owner. By definition, a FSBO is a home listed for sale without representation of a realtor or broker [...] More  →
  • buying a foreclosed home

    Your Guide To Purchasing A Foreclosed Home

    If you’ve been browsing home buying sites like Zillow or have been making your rounds at open houses, you may have come across listings for foreclosed homes. Buying a foreclosed home means buying a property in which the previous owner defaulted on their mortgage payments. Because the property is collateral for the loan, the lender [...] More  →
  • home types

    Which Home Type Is Right For You? Explore Your Options.

    When people think of buying a home, they often picture a single-family, detached house. But there are actually many different types of homes you can buy including apartments, condos, townhouses, and manufactured homes. If you aren't sure which type of home is best for your situation, here's a quick guide that covers the various home [...] More  →
  • PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

    What is PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)?

    If you recently looked at homes or have inquired about the homebuying process, you've likely heard the term Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI. But, what is PMI on a mortgage and how does PMI work? For starters, PMI is a type of insurance that protects the lender if a borrower cannot provide a 20% down [...] More  →
  • Commission Income

    How To Qualify For A Mortgage With Commission-Based Income

    If you receive commission income, you can use it to qualify for a mortgage as long as the proper documentation is shared with your loan officer to verify the income. Before you begin your mortgage application, be sure to gather: Two years worth of W-2s from your employer Your most recent pay stub One commission [...] More  →
  • speed up the mortgage process

    8 Simple Tips To Help Speed Up The Mortgage Process

    The home buying journey is a long one, and every home buyer searches for ways to speed up the mortgage process. If your goal is to get to the closing table in record time, you're in the right place. Here are a few tricks that you can apply to streamline your mortgage experience like a [...] More  →
  • Your Guide To Home Buying During COVID-19

    Your Guide To Home Buying During COVID-19

    While the world continues to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, the health and safety of our clients and team members is our top priority. We are working remotely to ensure that every client receives an exceptional mortgage experience from start to finish. If you were planning to purchase a home this year or if [...] More  →
  • Home Inspection

    Home Inspection 101: What To Know Before Your Home Inspection

    You've found your perfect home and put in an offer. Before closing, though, you have to get a home inspection to make sure your potential new home is safe for you and your family. But what do they look for during a home inspection? We're going to break down all of the need-to-knows about a [...] More  →
  • What Are Closing Costs and What Do They Cover?

    When it comes to home buying and finances, there are two main upfront costs to think about— the down payment and closing costs. In this blog, we’ll be talking all things closing costs; particularly what they are and how you can prepare for them ahead of time. So, what are closing costs? The term “closing …

    More  →
  • refinancing

    Refinancing 101: A Simple Guide To The Mortgage Refinance Process

    As homeowners know, a house isn’t simply the place where you live – it’s an investment. Over the years, you will face important decisions regarding maintenance, insurance, repairs, and more. At some point during your journey of homeownership, one of those decisions may be whether or not to refinance. What Does it Mean to Refinance …

    More  →
  • OVM’s Legum Legacy Inaugural Golf Tournament Benefiting CHKD

    We are proud to introduce the first-ever OVM’s Legum Legacy Golf Tournament. This tournament serves as part of the annual fundraising efforts for OVM’s Legum Legacy, a charitable organization created to offer a helping hand to our community by empowering local charities to continue their good work. OVM’s Legum Legacy was formed to honor Aaron …

    More  →
  • 2020 FHA Loan Limit Announcement Helps More Buyers Afford a Home

    The new 2020 FHA loan limits have been announced. Once again, the limits have increased for 1 - 4 unit residences. The FHA loan limits are determined by taking 65% of the conforming loan limit which is $510,400 for 2020. Therefore, the new one unit loan limit is $331,760. FHA loans provide buyers and home [...] More  →
  • FHA Debt to Income Ratio Solutions That Can Help You Buy a Home

    When it comes to qualifying for a home loan, there are a lot of guidelines and a ton of math. One such mortgage calculation includes dividing the amount of monthly debt payments by the gross monthly income. However, not all home loans treat this area equally. Plus, many lenders even treat the same loan program [...] More  →
  • Reasons the FHA Case Number Could Save You Money or Save Your Loan

    Any buyer or homeowner using an FHA loan to purchase or refinance a home will have a number assigned during the FHA mortgage process. If closed, this number will follow the loan for the entire life of the loan. In order to track these loans, every FHA loan is assigned a unique, 10-digit number called [...] More  →
  • If My Home Appraised for More Than the Purchase Price, Can I Include Closing Costs?

    Many people find themselves wondering the same thing when looking to buy a home - what’s the difference between the appraised value and actual purchase price, and how does this affect me? Let’s start with the basics. A home’s appraised value is the estimated value of a home as determined by a professional through an [...] More  →
  • NCHFA Offers Down Payment Assistance & More For NC Home Buyers

    North Carolina residents have a champion which offers affordable housing products through approved mortgage lenders. The NC Housing Finance Agency, also known as NCHFA, helps bridge the gap towards home ownership. Although most believe this agency's products are solely first time home buyer products, there are repeat buyer programs as well. So, why should North [...] More  →
  • What is the HUD Consultant Role in a Renovation Loan?

    Due to COVID-19 guideline changes – renovation loan products are temporarily restricted. Contact us for details. Are you one of the rising number of buyers or homeowners that have chosen a renovation loan? Many now realize that finding the perfect home is tough. However, renovation loans provide the financing tool which turns a diamond in [...] More  →
  • self-employed borrower

    How To Qualify For A Mortgage As A Self-Employed Borrower

    Mortgage qualification is pretty straight forward for a standard W-2 employee, but what happens when you are your own boss? Although the process may look a bit different for self-employed borrowers, there's no need to worry. We have all of the resources that you will need to make your application process seamless. What Do We [...] More  →
  • How To Use A Gift of Equity When Purchasing A Home From A Family Member

    Can you imagine how exciting the gift of a home would be? We’re not talking a plastic playhouse or an elaborately crafted dollhouse wrapped up in a bow, either - we mean a real house. While it may seem far fetched to some, it’s not all that uncommon, and can be done using a gift of [...] More  →
  • credit report dispute

    Mortgage Lending Guidelines Have Caught Onto Credit Repair Dispute Strategies

    In the credit world, everyone has a number. Certainly, most know this number is called a credit score. Good or bad, it determines the outcome for many areas such as insurance rates, employment, and of course, buying a home. Since high credit scores are so important in today's world, many turn to credit repair as [...] More  →
  • how to get rid of pmi

    How to Get Rid of PMI on FHA, USDA, & Conventional Loans

    If "mortgage" comes up as a topic, eventually the term PMI is mentioned. PMI stands for private mortgage insurance and most want to avoid it at all costs if possible. However, once the benefits of mortgage insurance are explained correctly, the potential borrower warms up to the idea of it allowing low to no down payment. [...] More  →
  • fha gift funds

    How Can I Use FHA Gift Funds to Buy a Home?

    Buying a home is a special time for many. As a goal, it ranks near the top with getting married, earning a great job, graduating from college, and more. Furthermore, first-time home buyers are looking to move from “throwing away money on rent” to turning a house into a home. Once the decision has been [...] More  →
  • how to move out of your parents house

    How to Move Out of Your Parents House and Buy a First Home

    How to move out of a parents' household is a common question, and it is not just for teenagers. Many first time home buyers of all ages move back into the parents home at some point. A primary reason is to save money rather than spending on rent. Yet, many living rent-free still may not [...] More  →
  • VA water test requirements

    VA Water Test Requirements for Homes With a Private Well

    When military service members, Veterans, and qualified surviving spouses use VA loans to buy a home with a private well, there is an extra qualification step. VA loans care about borrower qualification, but every property must also meet VA Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs). When a home's drinking water source is a community or private well, [...] More  →