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My journey with OVM Financial began as a client of Chip Simkins. While my husband and I have completed many real estate transactions, we never experienced a more thoughtful and focused approach to client service than by what we received with OVM and Chip’s team. After working with OVM Financial, I felt compelled to be a part of this company. While we are very well-versed in efficiently completing mortgage transactions, I believe the secret to our success is that we do relationships even better!

The start of my career at OVM Financial began with business development and marketing. This role allowed me to build valuable relationships with our REALTOR® partners, which in turn, sparked an interest in nurturing relationships on the client side. As a result, I am now a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator serving Hampton Roads.

Also, I have the unique advantage of being from Spain which allows me to offer support to those looking to start their home buying journey in Spanish! “Les puedo ayudar”

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