For the borrower with excellent credit and a budget of more than $647,200.

Loan amounts that exceed the county conforming loan limits are considered jumbo loans. Both conventional and VA loans offer these jumbo products to purchase or refinance luxury or higher-priced homes.

Jumbo Loan Facts

Jumbo loans can help a borrower obtain a larger than average loan amount.

Finance High End Properties

Finance High End Properties

Jumbo loans provide financing for high income borrowers looking to leverage the property and keep more funds within current investment accounts.

Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates

Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates

Jumbo loans offer both fixed and adjustable rates so that borrowers can determine which fits their budget and risk threshold.

Primary, Secondary, and Investment Properties

Primary, Secondary, and Investment Properties

Conventional jumbo loans provide financing for all 3 property types with varying requirements based on property type.

VA Jumbo Loans

VA Jumbo Loans

VA Jumbo loans are a possibility. The benefits of a VA guaranteed loan include low down payment percentage, no monthly mortgage insurance, and great rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are jumbo loan guidelines strict?

Jumbo loans are more strict than traditional loans under conforming loan limits. Although, today’s jumbo loans are not nearly as strict as they were a few years ago. Conventional, jumbo loans do offer as little as 10% down on a primary residence purchase, and VA jumbo down payment percentages may be even lower depending on the price and borrower entitlement available. It is suggested that jumbo borrowers have higher credit scores and lower debt to income ratios.

2. Is there an alternative to jumbo loans?

If a loan amount exceeds the conforming loan limit by a small amount, it could be beneficial to split the loan into two loans. Especially in the case of less than 20% down! Borrowing a conforming loan size on the first mortgage combined with a home equity line of credit could provide advantages in rate, payment, and avoiding mortgage insurance.

3. How much cash reserves should the borrower have?

Prepare to show that you have financial reserves. A lender will want to see that you have 2 to 3 months of cash reserves to cover principle mortgage payments, interest, taxes, and insurance.

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