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I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth they made the home buying process.

The OVM financial team was amazing! They were prompt and helpful at every turn. I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth they made the home buying process. To all my military families out there that want to buy a house but have had challenges try OVM, you won’t be disappointed. OVM will make buying your home a reality.

Marco Rivas

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About the Team

Dan is originally from Michigan, but grew up in Hampton Roads. Throughout his life he has lived overseas, as well as 5 different states, but he has always ended up making his way back to Virginia. Through his multiple relocations (career opportunities, grad school, and marrying into a Navy family), he has come to understand the challenges of moving, selling, and buying a home first-hand. These experiences, as well as the freedom to work for only himself and his clients, led him to become a Loan Officer. Prior to joining OVM, Dan started his career as a management consultant before moving on to become an HR executive, where he worked to help employees thrive.

Outside of work, Dan coaches soccer, enjoys rock climbing, and competes in Ironman triathlons, where he has earned the All World Athlete distinction.


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