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I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth they made the home buying process.

The OVM financial team was amazing! They were prompt and helpful at every turn. I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth they made the home buying process. To all my military families out there that want to buy a house but have had challenges try OVM, you won’t be disappointed. OVM will make buying your home a reality.

Marco Rivas

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About the Team

Barrett is a Southwest Virginia local who loves to facilitate southern hospitality. With an extensive background in hospitality and event management, she was first exposed to the mortgage industry as a Transaction Coordinator with a broker company. Her skills of communication and delivery easily carried over into the realm of mortgages and her belief in investing in herself led her to pursue becoming a Loan Officer herself!

In her own words -

I do home loans! I’ve always cared a lot about being able to deliver on expectations for people. I understand all the moving parts that must come together for a home purchase, and though it is stressful, we can have some laughs along the way. I’ll be making sure the loan is moving along as it should. I’m with an in-house-local lending company, which allows us to have extremely accurate readings on where your file is, and by keeping loaning local, this is directly going back into your community. I’m going to be transparent with you and be accountable throughout the process, because it’s likely we know some of the same people or that I might run into you at the grocery store! In this business you must be left-brained and right-brained, this is a very odd combination that I have always found myself in. I understand that buying a home is usually happening during other life-changing milestones. I’m going through those milestones myself, so my empathy and drive for wanting to do well by my clients is what keeps my head and heart in this. I’m not here to play games or keep you guessing, I’m here to get your loan on your home CLOSED!


5115 Bernard Drive, Suite 203
Roanoke, Virginia, United States, 24018