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  • buying a home while on deployment

    VA Loans: Can I Still Buy a Home While on Deployment?

    You don’t have to put off your dream of owning a house until returning from overseas as a military service member. While it’s not the most common scenario, it’s completely possible to use your VA loan while you're on deployment. This could happen if you find yourself starting the homebuying process shortly before a deployment, [...] More  →
  • Can I Buy a Home With a Charge Off?

    When a debt is not paid, it may go into collections or become a charge off. If an account is in collection status, it means the creditor is still attempting to collect the money. A charged-off account means the creditor has written off the debt and is no longer to collect. Just because the creditor [...] More  →
  • OVM Financial Introduces “Brand Manager” Role

    OVM Financial is proud to announce that Rio Ziegler, the company’s Social Media Director, will be taking on the additional role of Brand Manager. As the company continues to expand into new markets, Rio will take on a leading role in the execution of our corporate marketing strategy – including digital content, public relations, corporate …

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  • Game Changer Tips For Optimizing Your Mobile Contacts

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