Moving From Contract to
“Clear To Close” In 20 Days

A client’s closing date is too important to leave to chance. When you partner with OVM Financial, you can breathe easy knowing that our goal is to move from contract to “clear to close” in just 20 days.

How We Clear Loans Faster

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Mortgage App

Our borrowers use our mortgage app to streamline the online application process, submit documentation, and obtain preapproval.

20-Day Clear Timeline

Our staff sets internal milestones to get your loan file from application to close in just 20-days. When we give you a closing date, it’s one you can trust.

Communicate Your Way

Each client stays informed on the progress of their loan by their preferred method of communication: call, text, email, in-person. We can make it happen.

Personalized Support

Each OVM client receives a loan officer dedicated to providing support from day one through to closing.

What Does This Mean For You?

In a typical 30-day real estate contract, all parties typically aim to close on day 30. The problem is, this leaves zero margin for error and dramatically increases stress if there’s something needed on day 29. With OVM’s 20-Day Clear, we are eliminating this last minute stress from the equation. No more frantic phone calls, and no more frustrated buyers. By getting a “clear to close” 10 days early, you and your buyer gain peace of mind knowing that your transaction will close as smoothly as planned.


If you want someone to help you understand the loan process, work with you every step of the way, and help connect you to the right people for homeowners insurance and the other things you need for your home – Betty is your gal! She is THE best. OVM Financial is incredible but even better with Betty! We asked for a two-week closing and we got it!

Ashley Helton

OVM Loan Officer: Betty Tharpe

Michael Murray and his team did a wonderful job. The team was very easy to work with and helped me to close in 8 days! 8 days! I can’t thank Mike and OVM financial enough for helping me change my life!

Omar E.

OVM Loan Officer: Mike Murray

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to be clear to close in less than 20 days?

Yes, We have built a solid reputation for being able to close mortgage loans in an efficient and timely manner. The 20-day is standard, but we are capable of shorter turnaround times. Consult with your loan officer to determine if a tighter timeline is possible for your client’s unique transaction.

3. Do I need to write my contracts for 30 days?

Talk to your loan officer partner to determine the timeframe.

5. What information do I need to provide my lender to meet this goal?

See page 8 and 9 of our Finance Guide To Homeownership

2. Is the 20-Day Clear a guarantee?

The 20-Day Clear is not a guarantee. Some loans may take longer depending on speed and willingness of the borrower to provide necessary documentation.

4. Which loan programs are eligible for the 20 Day Clear?

20-Day Clear is for VA, FHA, and Conventional Loans

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